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Sisters (are brittle things) exhibition

A sisters’ exhibition - such a show calls to mind so many things…

My sisters

Hot and cold relations with sisters

Our childhood

Girlfriends who are like sisters

Sisters in books

Famous sisters

Fantastic quotes are part of the show!

Fantastic quotes are part of the show!

Global sisters


Women who are at risk, in poverty, struggling





One of Beth’s somersaulters at left

When we were girls, my sister Beth and I played with paper dolls as much as possible, and we were also huge Archie comics fans. We made dolls from comics, we drew dolls. We pleaded for paper doll books, we drew elaborate homes for our dolls and played for hours… days. At our family’s cottage, we would often beg our grandma, aunt Heather or our mom to draw a doll in an especially tricky pose - and then we’d have hours more fun.

That pastime - creating worlds and stories with paper dolls and my sister - is a very dear memory for me. Telling little stories to each other. We both still love paper dolls and costumes.

Our two collections of work “hanging together” is one that my sister and I decided to name Sisters because we didn’t have a lot of time to discuss and brainstorm something better. And Sisters is definitely good enough. We knew the word covers a lot and is inclusive enough for us both to have work in this show that somehow “fits” together.

Well, I think we made it work - just like sisters usually do.

Show deets -


Friday, October 5, at the municipal building, Chambers Gallery, 3131 Old Perth Road, Mississippi Mills

Transfer to Almonte branch library:

Tuesday, December 4, Library Corridor Gallery, 155 High Street, Almonte (stay tuned for info on a small “opening party” sometime around this time)

Exhibition ends:

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Artist's statement:

Jill’s work is animated by informal subjects and common practices, but offers imaginative twists for the observer to consider. Jill believes even the most seemingly simple ideas are not. Ideas and paintings can be inspiring, they can be whimsical or demanding. Often uncomplicated images encourage the best stories.

* “Sisters are brittle things” is a quote from Emily Dickinson

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