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Two paintings find new homes via local Auction & Lamb Race (makes me happy)

I donated Lucky Day Bluebird to Almonte's the Hub and Rebound auction for the 2nd Annual Glitz Gala, 27 September 2014, which is an incredible local success. The painting was bid on and bought and the proceeds went to assist The Hub Hospice Palliative Care and the Hub's Youth Camps Subsidy. I'm so glad to have helped raise funds and awareness for these two excellent initiatives.

The Blue Sheep in the Family was donated to the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum  (MVTM) Almonte, as the grand prize for the Mississippi Lamb Race that happened at the 19th annual Fibrefest, in September 2014. Proceeds from tickets sales for the Lamb Race went to the Museum - to help with programming and operational costs. The MVTM is one of my most favourite places in the world and, again, I'm really pleased to help make it as successful as possible. 

Isn't Almonte the best place?! (In case you didn't know.)

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