Jill McCubbin - artist -

Long gone: paintings based on one day in 1926 in Almonte

This is an exhibition of paintings inspired by the stories and advertisements in the Almonte Gazette on one day, 15 August 1924. The Gazette started in 1861 and the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum has put the Gazette archive online in a searchable database. This exhibition is at Palms, the coffee shop, on Mill Street, Almonte, Ontario.

Titles and price list

A river watcher                                    $550

WI housewives save cooking fuel      $550

Gents’ choice                                        $550

Our heavy hitter                                   $550

Cure all (snake oil)                               $550

Knitten a kitten                                     $550

(this painting is the exception – not from the 1924 era)

Jill McCubbinComment