Story time! Introducing Cards for Readers & Will-be-readers

Jill McCubbin launches Book Mill Press with a line of literary note cards (books to come)


Book Mill Press

9 July 2019 — Once upon a time a young reader entered the book industry. She learned to sell, serve, edit, market, write, design and data entry until the cows came home. She loved it all. She moved to Almonte ON and continued to work in bookstores and libraries until she was an old(er) woman. She works there still — and it is the best of times. Today, Jill McCubbin, proficient artist and reader, becomes a new publisher and launches Book Mill Press, with a line of greeting cards created and printed in Almonte. Book Mill press is the long-anticipated extension of Jill’s love of books and Almonte and of her creativity and whimsy as an artist.

Cards for readers & will-be-readers. Each card tells a little tale, embellished by a retro/classic dramatic aesthetic. The cards are inspired by common, book-related metaphors and by quotes by great people — such as Ernest Hemingway, Henry Ward Beecher and Jill’s mom & dad (who either read her like a book or throw the book at her). Jill is a sucker for awesome quotes and lyrics. She records them relentlessly and adapts them constantly — in order to make sense of our world and its people.

Book Mill Press cards are printed by the friendly, skilled professionals at Pxlworks/The Almonte Sign Company. Tidily displayed with the envelope tucked inside the card, Jill made the deliberate decision to not individually package her cards in plastic — an unfortunate, commonplace practice in the card industry.

Mill Street Books, Almonte, is the first store to stock these cards, but others across Ontario are booked! Online shopping is also available at www.bookmillpress.ca or inquire via bookmillpress@ gmail.com. Online, cards are $5.70/each, 4 for $21 or all 7 for $35 (+ 13% HST in all cases). Other quantity discounts are possible. Retailers, please request wholesale price list. Free delivery (or pick up) in the Mississippi Mills neighbourhood.

The Book Mill Press story begins with a line of seven colourful gems: cards for readers & will-be-readers. In the near future Book Mill Press plans to publish handfuls of genuinely informative and irresistible Almonte-area-related books as well as more book-related and local-history-related cards. Pleasure your shelf, read more about Book Mill Press and upcoming publications at www.bookmillpress.ca or on social media @BookMillPress

Beware the person of just one book,” said Thomas Aquinas, with a wink.

Jill McCubbin, publisher

Jill McCubbin, publisher